Things that irritate #1: ‘Hidden songs’

Seriously, just bloody stop it!

Hidden tracks. On CDs. Why? Why do they do this? What is the point exactly of having the last track on your album absent from the track listing and magically separated from the rest of the album up to 20 minutes of fucking irritating silence?

“Oh, what a great surprise – a bonus piece of music!” you might say upon first discovering it. Followed by roughly 5000 ‘why the hell do I have to keep fast-forwarding all this stupid silence to get to the last track?’ rants every time you listen to the damn album in the future. If someone can explain this to me, I would be very grateful. But no less irate.



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4 Responses to Things that irritate #1: ‘Hidden songs’

  1. jetsetwilly says:


    This bugs me too, especially when you’re just streaming a random selection of music and you forget about this “feature”. I always think something’s gone wrong because I’ve had nothing but silence for 15 mins!

    It’s particularly crap when, having traversed the huge gap, you are rewarded with a reprise that lasts 20 seconds. The only time it vaguely amused me was at the end of Ash’s 1977 album.

  2. Blerk says:

    The trick is to MP3 everything and use a tool like MP3DirectCut to chop the last track into two parts with the silence removed.

    But…. why do I have to do this? Is there someone in the music industry who still thinks this in “an hilarious gag” or something?

  3. yups says:

    1977 – JSW – first album I ever bought! That ‘track’ was absent from my cassette release 😀

    Even though it’s impossible, I always wanted a hidden track to be ‘unlocked’ as a normal track once you found it.

    One of the more acceptable hidden songs I found was on David Gray’s White Ladder where you had to hold down rewind for 2 minutes on track 1 to play the *actually-hidden-hidden-track*. Still annoying when you wanted to hear the bloomin’ thing, but better than the lead out type song.

    Also Blerk, are we to assume from the #1 that ‘Things that irritate’ is to become a regular feature 😀

  4. Blerk says:

    You bet. 😀

    And furthermore… holy shit! I’ve never realised that White Ladder track was even there.

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