Eurogamer Expo 2009 – The Review

EG Expo 2009So, yesterday I spent a rather long day at the Eurogamer Expo in Leeds. My legs may never forgive me, but myself and a small band of merry forumites had a marvellous day meeting the staff and playing some stuff that we hadn’t played before! If you’ve got a ticket for one of the upcoming days then you’re likely to come away rather pleased.

While it’s all still fresh in my head, I’ve done a super-quick round-up of everything I paid even slight attention to. Have fun! 🙂

Alien Breed Evolution (360)

Played this co-op with Lutz and it seemed decent enough. Kind of reminded me of Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance but with a sci-fi slant. Environments seemed a bit samey even on the short play we had, though – I wonder how long the novelty would last, especially out of co-op.

AvP (PS3)

Didn’t get a go on this but it looked mental, especially playing as the alien which was blisteringly fast. Average survival time for the players appeared to be about 30 seconds. No single-player on show, sadly.

Assassin’s Creed 2 (PS3)

Took me forever to even get onto this, looks like it’ll be a huge hit. And… it’s pretty much the same as the last one, at first glance. I don’t like the new HUD which is a bit intrusive, but it seems a bit sharper and even easier on the eye than it was before. And… it’s Assassin’s Creed. Which I really liked. The demo was dreadfully chuggy in places though, I hope they get that sorted out before release.

Avatar (PS3)

Looked gorgeous, but…. I couldn’t even muster the enthusiasm to have a go. Demo pods were empty by 6pm.

Bayonetta (360)

Super smooth, quite attractive to look at. And the game is too. Seems like a cross between Devil May Cry and God of War, falling more on the DMC side of things but slightly easier to play. Some mental combos and near-nakedness. Should do well, I think.

Dante’s Inferno (PS3)

It’s God of War. Really. It is. If you liked God of War, you’ll like this. Played really nicely, looks good, feels satisfying. Pulled some heads off, impaled a big blind guy on a spiky wheel, chopped up some babies. They were evil babies, obviously. Will buy.

Dark Void (360)

On-foot bits play a bit like a cross between Gears of War and Uncharted and were reasonable. Jetpack bits were horrific, really nasty to control and almost impossible to actually hit anything. Not good.

Dragon Age Origins (360)

I was concerned about the console port but it seems fine (aside from the one pod that was playing in standard def, which looked like arse). Comedy blood spatters were funny, playing as a dog was funnier, eyebrow-raising dialogue at times had me and Lutzie laughing our arses off. And then we got told off for filming it. Playing as a mage combat seemed a bit stilted, recharge times on my attacks seemed over-long. Will probably give this a go as something other than a mage. 🙂

Eufloria (PC)

The game formerly known as Dyson, which you already know that I love. But Lutzie really liked it and Rudolf was super nice so I’m going to mention it again. 🙂

Forza Motorsport 3 (360)

I thought I’d be shit at this, but in actual fact… I was. Shit at it. Yes.

Joe Danger (PC)

Like Trials HD crossed with Excitebike, with super-cartoony graphics and a lot of personality. The kids will bloody love this.

God of War III (PS3)

Dante’s was good, but this was better. Sharper, smoother, crisper, gorier. Awesome to look at, horrifically brutal even by GoW standards. Smash hit, no doubt at all. Photographer took about a zillion pictures of Lutzie playing it, so watch out for him in next month’s FHM. Or something.

Gravity Crash (PS3)

Weirdly, they only turned this on later after pretty much everyone had gone, but I was pleased to get a go on it. It looks like Thrust and Geometry Wars had a baby, but it actually plays more like ST-classic ‘Oids’. Thrust around, shoot things with the right-stick, land and save the little guys. Not as fast-paced as I feared it would be and really pleasant to play – thumbs up!

Heavy Rain (PS3)

A weird one to describe. I played a couple of the scenarios and it’s very slow paced and the movement controls are completely bizarre and more than a little unwieldy. That said, it’s not the QTE-fest that I thought it would be after Fahrenheit – options are presented as sort of a floating ‘thought cloud’ and you push a single-word button to drive the story in the direction you want it to go in. Watched several other playthroughs with very different outcomes. Not as pretty as some people would have you believe though – it is really attractive in places, but other places have an almost ‘cell-shaded’ look to them, like everyone has a big black outline. Needed lots of work too, crashed like a bugger.

Left 4 Dead 2 (360)

Watched Lutzie and DDevil play this for a good while. It’s Left 4 Dead. And is still mental.



Mass Effect 2 (360)

Was ‘out of order’ for the first chunk of the day, but I did get a whirl on it about 7:30pm. Unfortunately it was in the middle of a game right in the middle of some combat and I couldn’t remember how anything worked. Engine seems much better this time around, very smooth and fluid, and the combat seems more like a proper third-person shooter than it was before. Looking forward to getting a better go on my own time, without an EA enforcer sitting over my shoulder.

New Super Mario Brothers Wii (Wii)

The Nintendo rep practically forced me and Lutz to play this at gunpoint. It’s… Super Mario Bros. On Wii. With four players. Game played with a remote turned sideways like a NES pad and was pretty much classic Super Mario. Got quite confusing with four people on-screen, though – I ended up watching what other people were doing and then finding that I couldn’t see my own character and oh dear I’m dead. If you like Mario, you’ll probably like it. I didn’t much care for it, tbh. But you knew that, right? 😀

Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time (PS3)

Super-smooth, nice controls, great graphics, but…. kind of soul-less. Can’t really explain it, but while there was nothing really wrong with it as such I couldn’t really muster any enthusiasm for it either, possibly because I’ve not played any of the other games and have no attachment to the characters. Fans will probably love it.

Saw (PS3)

Didn’t play, but looks pretty crap. Silent Hill environments with silly gore.

Saboteur (PS3)

My biggest regret of the show was that I forgot to go back and have a go on this later on when it wasn’t busy. Everyone who was playing earlier was treating it like a vanilla third-person shooter and ignoring the stealthy stuff. As a 3ps it looked fairly standard, but I was hoping to get a look at the open-world stuff and the climbing and that. But forgot. What a clot.

Split/Second (360)

Very amusing to play, alth0ugh the demo was exceptionally rough in places – I got stuck on scenery twice and had to restart, and the frame rate was ‘not so good’ during some of the bigger set pieces. Sort of like a track-based Burnout with evil tricks and pyrotechnics. Could well turn out rather nice, this.

Star Trek Online (PC)

Slow paced and very ‘clicky’, but Lutz was killing Birds of Prey in a matter of minutes. Quite pretty too, but made me wish for a proper space-combat sim rather than an MMO.

Uncharted 2 (PS3)

Had my first go at Uncharted ever – yay! Gorgeous to look at, nice controls, easy to get into. Could quite happily have played for much longer. If I ever get a PS3, this is on the shopping list.

Wheelspin (Wii)

Didn’t play this, but worth a mention for being the worst-looking game at the show. Horrible graphics, horrible physics, horrible…. everything! Really, really dismal. And then this morning I discovered it’s Archer MacLean’s new project! Oh man! 😦


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7 Responses to Eurogamer Expo 2009 – The Review

  1. Rhythm says:

    Really nice to meet you yesterday, sorry I had to dive off so early but things were starting to ache 😉

    The Ninty rep forced us to play too – very persuasive, aren’t they? 😀

  2. Blerk says:

    No probs, I was amazed you made it as long as you did. 😀

    Shame you couldn’t stick around, though – the show floor was dead after 6pm and you could play pretty much ANYTHING without queueing!

  3. kmf says:

    What were the two of you doing?

  4. Rhythm says:


  5. Alf says:

    I went too, and feel the same! Could have been awesome. Wasn’t!

  6. Mr Tom says:

    Didn’t know you had a blog Blerk! It was a pleasure to meet you.

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