Synopsis Quest

Like classic Japanese role-playing games but just don’t have the time to actually play them these days? Synopsis Quest could be right up your alley. 25 micro-quests of lovingly recreated 8-bit glory await you, each lasting little more than a few seconds. Watch out, though – all those RPG clichés and conventions you thought you knew and understood? They won’t help you here.


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A pain in the arse of the video gaming industry.

3 Responses to Synopsis Quest

  1. mal says:

    I think your link’s broken – too many https in there.

    Good find though 🙂 A couple of them took a bit of figuring out, but I got them all in the end.

  2. Blerk says:

    Weird. I’m going to blame the WordPress tools. Yes.

  3. kmf says:

    How do I escape from prison? I can’t pick up the stupid shovel!

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