Contrary to popular belief, Blerk does not actually exist. He has long been rumoured to be a figment of the internet’s imagination and at present there appears to be little evidence to contradict that theory.


One Response to About

  1. David Cracknell says:

    Dear Blerk

    [Blerk Moderator 7 years ago]
    “If the PS3 succeeds, will you die?”
    [Calgon 7 years ago]
    Blerk: “Was that aimed at me?”
    [Blerk Moderator 7 years ago]
    “No, Xiphos. He’s a complete fruitcake.”

    In response to my work in Cell SPU programming at 90-98% efficiency across the SPU array (x6 SPU) generating 151.4 Gigaflops GPU-centric compute (GPGPU)

    Cell SIMD ALU Vector processing is AMD’s GCN CU.

    It’s most successful application is Sony’s Playstation4.

    Dr. David R. Cracknell, PhD
    [Xiphos from 7 years ago]

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