GamesCom: Microsoft forget to turn up

Sorry we forgot to show up, but you're only Europeans

So, the Microsoft conference… didn’t happen. Instead we got Peter Molyneux waffling on for far too long about Fable III – a (not entirely unexpected) new reveal but with very little to actually show other than a pre-rendered teaser and some concept art. We all waited eagerly for him to bugger off so we could see the rest and then… there was no ‘the rest’!

Seriously, Microsoft – what the hell? Even if you didn’t really have anything new to show, would it have killed you to get up and show a few videos of things we already knew about?

/slow clap


GamesCom: Finally, the Diet PS3

PS3 Slim - no longer worshipped by monkeys.

So here it is, finally – that slimline PS3 that we all absolutely knew nothing about at all, no sir! The first surprising thing is that those Chinese shots from all those months ago turned out to be the ‘real deal’ – once again Sony prove themselves incapable of keeping the lid on until launch day. That said, it’s a nice hardware revision – seeing the two side-by-side really drives home how much of a monstrosity the original model is. A lot of people appear to be lamenting the loss of that hideous super-shiny finish, but they’re obviously all stupid. 😀

So will I be buying one? No. For a second machine, the price is still too expensive to justify at £250. However, they are at last starting to head in the right direction. Maybe one day, once The Last Guardian actually makes it onto the shelves.

That PSP Go price, though? Pfft. No chance.