Same Old Scene

A couple of weeks back I received the latest copy of Retro Gamer, the mag that’s dedicated to all things old and crumbly (like myself). Bundled free with this issue was a supplement – a tribute to everyone’s favourite Commodore 64 mag, Zzap64, which is 20 years old this year. Reading through was a blast – articles about the old staff, reprints of old reviews complete with modern opinions on whether they were right or not, you get the idea. However, being a Speccy boy at heart this got me fired up to revisit Newsfield’s Spectrum-based tome – Crash. Read more of this post


Who’s the Boss?

I stand before you a changed man. Last night, at around about 10pm, an event occurred which I had long since given up on experiencing within my lifetime. Such a momentous occasion was it that I plain dropped the joypad on the floor and grinned from ear to ear like some kind of hyperactive toddler on a sugar rush.

I enjoyed a boss battle in an action game.

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It’s what you do with it that counts…

Size is important, apparently. But in what way seems to depend on who you’re talking to. There’s no better feeling than getting home with your latest purchase, slotting it into the console (yes, I was talking about games), and sitting down for a nice long gaming session. But how long you feel a game should last before it’s done appears to be a matter of personal preference.

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Hot Air Balloons

I have to admit to being a ‘bit concerned’ this week. It’s something that’s been building up slowly but steadily since E3 and every week I think it’ll go away, but it just gets worse.

Where has all the gaming news gone?

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Fan F(r)iction

Last year, my local paper had something of an overhaul. Ditching the unpopular broadsheet format that had served it well since 18GodKnowsWhen, they reinvented themselves as a ‘lively’ tabloid format rag. And nothing much else changed, aside from the fact that it was now possible to read it without ending up covered from head to foot in newsprint. One thing they did add, however, was an entertainment supplement. A regular Friday feature, it covers everything in the city from cinemas to restaurants to pubs to theatre to… games. Read more of this post

Once Upon A Time…

With E3 over it appears that we have once again descended into the pit of ‘no games news’ which we usually end up languishing in during the summer. This is, of course, problematic for my usual weekly rant – not least because there’s very little around to capture the imagination.

Then, yesterday afternoon (when all was looking lost), I helped out with some recommendations for great PS2 games. During this conversation I mentioned the fact that I thought Silent Hill 2 was the ‘most adult game ever produced’ and was asked why. My answer was simple – the story. It’s about as far removed from a computer game story as you can possibly get; it’s deep, well rounded, twists and turns when you least expect it, and ends with a handful of shockers that leave you reeling. In short, it’s a masterpiece of game writing. Read more of this post

Remember Tomorrow

Rose tinted spectacles. I’ve never actually seen any of those, nor do I really understand why the term is used to describe a slightly fabricated memory of past events, but it would appear that there are a lot of them out there at the minute. Hell, the gaming world itself appears to have been covered with one huge pair of late. Read more of this post