Cheap as chips, and yet…

"£1.74? You could rent a hooker for that in my day!"Why am I such a bloody cheapskate when it comes to games? I’ve been sitting here thinking about ordering a copy of The Orange Box for the 360 for about half an hour now, which doesn’t sound so bad but I spent half an hour thinking about it earlier as well. And I’ve been half-way to ordering it about five times now over the last week or so.

Why is that bad? Well, Amazon currently have it for a mighty £11.74. And I have £10 in Amazon vouchers. So I’m sitting here procrastinating over £1.74. For (basically) five games. What is wrong with me? Surely this isn’t the behaviour of a rational human being? 😀

I always have this trouble with buying stuff for myself. The missus will quite happily go out and drop £20 on a “new top” or something, and I don’t begrudge her that at all. Yet spending a few quid on a game every now and then appears to always set off some kind of ‘unnecessary expense’ alarm in my brain. Am I alone here?

Sod it. I’m going to order one. Probably. In a minute.