GamesCom: Microsoft forget to turn up

Sorry we forgot to show up, but you're only Europeans

So, the Microsoft conference… didn’t happen. Instead we got Peter Molyneux waffling on for far too long about Fable III – a (not entirely unexpected) new reveal but with very little to actually show other than a pre-rendered teaser and some concept art. We all waited eagerly for him to bugger off so we could see the rest and then… there was no ‘the rest’!

Seriously, Microsoft – what the hell? Even if you didn’t really have anything new to show, would it have killed you to get up and show a few videos of things we already knew about?

/slow clap


The Tip Top Ten of E3

Lloyd Mangram would be proud!Well, E3’s all over (including the shouting) and by and large it was a pretty good bash, especially compared to last year’s table-top/car-boot sale thing. There was a shocking amount of stuff up for perusal, so much so that I could barely bring myself to check the RSS feeds at one point – that “1000+ articles unread” indicator was just taunting me. But at the end of the day… there have to be winners! And these are mine – an alphabetically-ordered list of the ten most exciting games from last week’s coverage. You will probably disagree, but hey – this is my song! 🙂
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E3 Conferences: Microsoft

MicrosoftWell, that’s it all over for Microsoft and judging by internet reaction they appear to have pushed pretty much all of the right buttons – press and forumites alike seem very pleased with what they had to offer. Myself, I can’t help but feel a slight twinge of disappointment – considering how little Microsoft has announced so far this year, I was sort of expecting to see almost the entire conference given over to ‘brand new’ first or second-party stuff. But maybe that’s just me.

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Breaking The Habit


I’ve never been one for rushing. At anything. Yes, yes – including blog posts.

More to the point (and I assure you there is one, for those of you gasping at the huge expanse of text here), I’ve never been one to rush into buying new console hardware. These things tend to cost money you see, and being the terminal pessimist that I am I’ve often found it difficult to muster up the excitement that many people seem to be able to generate in the run up to a new hardware launch. When the Xbox 360 first launched waaaay back in 2005, I eagerly tuned in for the hideous MTV launch show but I had no intention of buying one at that point. In fact, truth be told I had no intention of buying one at all – I was perfectly happy with my PS2 and was 100% certain that it’d be the PS3 on my future Christmas list rather than Microsoft’s bile-green-tinged offspring. Read more of this post