Eurogamer Expo 2009 – The Review

EG Expo 2009So, yesterday I spent a rather long day at the Eurogamer Expo in Leeds. My legs may never forgive me, but myself and a small band of merry forumites had a marvellous day meeting the staff and playing some stuff that we hadn’t played before! If you’ve got a ticket for one of the upcoming days then you’re likely to come away rather pleased.

While it’s all still fresh in my head, I’ve done a super-quick round-up of everything I paid even slight attention to. Have fun! 🙂

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Dyson (for now)

Dyson... or not.

Thinking about it, I should have mentioned Dyson on here already. I have no idea why I haven’t – it’s by far my favourite ‘indie’ PC game of the last… forever. Originally developed for TIGSource‘s procedurally generated games competition by Rudolf Kremers and Alex May, it’s an utterly gorgeous ambient space-based RTS (sort of) where you ‘grow’ your biological armies from ‘space trees’ and take over the galaxy. Beautiful to look at, graceful in motion and with a superb soundtrack it’s consumed many an hour of me and my son’s time over the last year or so.

And now… now they’ve gone the whole hog and it’s to become a commercial product, vastly expanded upon compared to its original freebie format. Given that I feel I already owe them my money just for the original version, I probably also owe them a bit of a plug… so here it is! 🙂

The game’s out next month, as you can see from their latest blog post and they’re also hosting a competition to give it a new name before release. Possibly to avoid the wrath of irate vacuum cleaner salesmen. Get over there and try the free version if you haven’t already – I (almost) guarantee that you’ll love it.

“Well you’re obviously not Dr. Kildare, then!”

Let's raise a peoples' army and seize control of the state!

Patience. It’s a virtue, apparently. Recent revelations have also lead me to believe that I now have significantly less of it than I used to have in the past, especially when it comes to games. The release of the hi-def remix of The Secret of Monkey Island on Xbox Live Arcade almost had me reaching into my pocket – this was, after all, a game which I remembered very fondly indeed. Back in the dim and distant past when I was but a spotty youth I must’ve gone through the entire game at least a dozen times on my trusty Atari ST despite the fact that it came on four disks and took seemingly forever to load. Then once I upgraded to a PC I went through the whole thing again – several times. This was one of my favourite games, and one which was undiminished in my memory – an all-time classic which obviously would never age. Hmm.

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Psychology Theft Auto

"Don't you point that thing at me, sonny!"I’m a fairly conscientious criminal. When playing GTA IV, I don’t kill innocent people in the streets, and I swerve to avoid them in the road. If I push past someone and they fling an expletive at me, I’ll just carry on walking. If I absolutely can’t find a parked car to take, I’ll usually hold a car up at gunpoint and let the guy run away rather than physically dragging him out of the vehicle or shooting him dead. That sort of thing. I’m a nicer flavour of mobster.

Except for one case.

Upon reaching the second safe house, I find that pretty often when I come home there’s a street preacher standing on the path opposite, ranting on about God and stuff. And try as I might, I can’t resist wandering over and beating him senseless. Every single time. No guns, no blunt instruments, no ramming him with a car. Just fists.

Freud would have had a field day. 😀

p.s. there is more ‘substantial’ stuff coming – another article and the first review. Real life’s been a swine this week.