The ZX Spectrum – 28 today!

Happy birthday to the machine that got me into the world of computing – the good old ZX Spectrum! It’s a mighty 28 years old today, which makes me feel really bloody old. For me it’s never really gone away, of course – I still have several of them kicking around the house, and I haven’t owned a computer in the last 20 years which hasn’t had an emulator and a bunch o’ games permanently installed on it. But ah, for those dim and distant days of my youth when it was all still fresh and exciting! Read more of this post



I’ve not posted videos before but I just can’t resist this one – it’s absolutely fantastic! Watch in awe as a bunch of pixellated heroes of yesteryear trash the world. 😀

“Well you’re obviously not Dr. Kildare, then!”

Let's raise a peoples' army and seize control of the state!

Patience. It’s a virtue, apparently. Recent revelations have also lead me to believe that I now have significantly less of it than I used to have in the past, especially when it comes to games. The release of the hi-def remix of The Secret of Monkey Island on Xbox Live Arcade almost had me reaching into my pocket – this was, after all, a game which I remembered very fondly indeed. Back in the dim and distant past when I was but a spotty youth I must’ve gone through the entire game at least a dozen times on my trusty Atari ST despite the fact that it came on four disks and took seemingly forever to load. Then once I upgraded to a PC I went through the whole thing again – several times. This was one of my favourite games, and one which was undiminished in my memory – an all-time classic which obviously would never age. Hmm.

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The most amazing thing I’ve seen in ages

You wouldn't fit much bread in it, but that's really not the pointNow this is quite astonishing.

We all know how talented Ben Heck is at cobbling various bits of hardware into portable form, but this Commodore 64 laptop is quite possibly one of the greatest things he’s ever done.

He calls it ‘beautifully ugly’. I can’t really agree – it’s gorgeous! Now if only someone could persuade him to do a Spectrum…