The ZX Spectrum – 28 today!

Happy birthday to the machine that got me into the world of computing – the good old ZX Spectrum! It’s a mighty 28 years old today, which makes me feel really bloody old. For me it’s never really gone away, of course – I still have several of them kicking around the house, and I haven’t owned a computer in the last 20 years which hasn’t had an emulator and a bunch o’ games permanently installed on it. But ah, for those dim and distant days of my youth when it was all still fresh and exciting! Read more of this post



I’ve not posted videos before but I just can’t resist this one – it’s absolutely fantastic! Watch in awe as a bunch of pixellated heroes of yesteryear trash the world. 😀

Synopsis Quest

Like classic Japanese role-playing games but just don’t have the time to actually play them these days? Synopsis Quest could be right up your alley. 25 micro-quests of lovingly recreated 8-bit glory await you, each lasting little more than a few seconds. Watch out, though – all those RPG clichés and conventions you thought you knew and understood? They won’t help you here.

End of an offline era (possibly)

Last weekend I have mostly been playing…. online. It was a free ‘Gold’ weekend for Silvers (although you would never have known if you didn’t know about it already – no advertising of the fact whatsoever as far as I can tell) so I thought I’d break with tradition and actually try some stuff out. Yes, believe it or not I’ve somehow managed to avoid ever playing a game online until now. And bearing in mind that I was a complete online n00b, I wasn’t expecting much of either myself or the experience in general. What I found was… curious. Read more of this post


Yes, I’m still here. Yes, I’m still alive. Yes, I am sorry to the (literally) half dozen people who read my dribblings for not writing anything for ages. I’m going to try and get this back on track. Yes I am. Soon. Ish. Gah!

Eurogamer Expo 2009 – The Review

EG Expo 2009So, yesterday I spent a rather long day at the Eurogamer Expo in Leeds. My legs may never forgive me, but myself and a small band of merry forumites had a marvellous day meeting the staff and playing some stuff that we hadn’t played before! If you’ve got a ticket for one of the upcoming days then you’re likely to come away rather pleased.

While it’s all still fresh in my head, I’ve done a super-quick round-up of everything I paid even slight attention to. Have fun! 🙂

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Small Worlds


Well, it’s been a while, I admit! But I have been sort of busy. Sort of. I’ll be at the EG Expo on Tuesday so hopefully I’ll have some interesting stuff to post after that. Until then, busy yourself with this wonderful little Flash game.

Small Worlds is an entry in the Casual Gameplay Design Competition and is very simple in concept but quite tricky to describe. Guide your platform-hopping pixel man through an expanding world and try to find the exit to the next one. I won’t try to explain it any more, just give it a whirl – it’s quite unique and totally relaxing to play.